Nii Ayikwei’s Links

Right from the first day I had a website, I didn’t just want to have a list of links. I wanted to post links that meant something to me (not random link exchanges), but I ended up with a fairly static page with six links, four of which had been dead for years, because I had no time to update the website. I have now decided to revive the idea by creating a links blog – slightly easier to manage – and put each link up as a post, giving context, and placing it in a category that is easily searchable. I hope those of you who have supported my work through the years will find use for this blog, which is really a way for me to pay tribute to my influences and sources of sustenance – but in another sense, it is means of understanding who I am. After all, I met my fiancee after she read my original links page, found I LOVED Smokey Robinson and confessed to a similar, unhealthy love – six years later, we’re engaged!